Yes Dyslexia | Support, Resources & Community for Dyslexia


Hi there! My name is Margarita Pennock, and I am the founder of Yesdyslexia. This project holds a deeply personal significance for me. The idea of creating a comprehensive resource that gathers global information on dyslexia came to me while my family and I were living in Chisinau, Moldova. Despite our love for Moldova, we encountered a lack of understanding and support for dyslexic individuals. When our dyslexic daughter started school, it became evident that teachers lacked knowledge on how to effectively work with dyslexic children. Determined to ensure that she wouldn't develop negative beliefs about her intelligence, we provided as much support as possible during those early years. Unfortunately, our school lacked the necessary resources for dyslexic students, leading me to realize that our situation was not unique. There are millions of families with dyslexic children who lack knowledge about the condition and how to assist their kids. This realization drove me to create a platform where we can access supportive information about dyslexia in every country. And thus, Yesdyslexia was born.

Yesdyslexia is an initiative created by individuals with dyslexia who have personally experienced the challenges associated with the condition. Understanding the struggles we and others have faced, we aim to ensure that future generations of dyslexic children won't have to endure the same obstacles. Our project provides resources and support to those with dyslexia while also raising awareness and understanding of the condition among the general public. Through collaboration with professionals, we empower dyslexic children and help them succeed in all areas of life.